Let’s learn Japanese and build a foundation for understanding Japanese culture. With the relaxation of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Kinmon Gakuen, a traditional school founded in 1911 and located in San Francisco’s Japantown, will fully resume face-to-face instruction for three hours every Saturday morning in the fall semester that begins on August 13. We have several levels of classes to choose from, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, depending on the age of your children and their level of Japanese language proficiency. Please consider this learning opportunity.






春学期ご入学、オープンハウスのお問い合わせは、Eメール:kinmonSF@hotmail.com までお願いします。

Spring JAN 14 2023 – MAY 20 2023

Saturday Program Calendar

Jan  14, 21, 28

Feb  4, 11, 18, 25

Mar  4, 11, 18, 25

Apr  1, 15, 22, 29

May 6, 13, 20

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Available classes are below.

Beginning 1

In Beginning I, no previous knowledge about Japanese is required. Students learn some basic verbs and simple phrases including how to read and write Hiragana [i.e., the cursive form of the Japanese syllabary]. The school provides an environment where students are encouraged to be creative by using visual arts, such as music and art, to support their Japanese language studies.

  • Textbooks: Yasahī Nihongo (Introductory Japanese),  Hiragana

Beginning 2

In Beginning II, students learn all the basics, including how to read and write Hiragana [i.e., the cursive form of the Japanese syllabary]and Katakana [i.e., the square form of the Japanese syllabary]. They are also introduced to Japanese manners and etiquette. The school continues to use creative arts and music to support their Japanese language studies. The students master all Hiragana and Katakana at the completion of this level.

  • Textbook: Ohisama


The Intermediate class is designed for students who can proficiently read and write Hiragana [i.e., the cursive form of the Japanese syllabary]and Katakana [i.e., the square form of the Japanese syllabary]and have already mastered basic expressions. students learn more complex expressions to develop their writing and conversation skills.

  • Textbook: Ohisama


In Pre-Advanced, class sessions are held mostly in Japanese. Students expand their comprehension capacity and increase their vocabulary to improve their conversation skills. They also learn Kanji [i.e., Chinese characters used in the writing of Japanese], while mastering everyday conversation and being introduced to formal conversation.

  • Textbooks: Marugoto A1 RikaiKatsudō


In Advanced, students further improve their comprehension skills and increase their vocabulary and Kanji knowledge. They are expected to express opinions in Japanese and have highly structured discussions with their classmates.

  • Textbook: Marugoto A2 Rikai,

*In addition to registration and tuition fees, each student must purchase a textbook (cost depends on the class level and book being used).

*Enrollment in the middle of a semester is possible. Please schedule an appointment with us, so that we can determine what course might be best for your child.

Kinmon Gakuen

2031 Bush St, San Francisco CA 94115