Our family does not have a Japanese background, and we’re worried that we won’t be able to help our child with his/her homework. Will this be a problem?

Please don’t worry. We only assign homework to students that they can do by themselves, and we don’t assign any homework for students under 5 years old.


My child does not speak Japanese at all. Can he/she enroll in your program?

Yes; Japanese-language ability is not required for enrollment. We gladly accept students from every background.


Is it possible for my child to start participating in a class in the middle of a semester?

Yes, he or she can, but please schedule an appointment with us, so we can determine what might be best for your child.


How big is the class size?

We keep the small number of students around 10 maximum, so that we can pay attention to each student, and communicate well.


Do you allow potential students and their parents to audit a class before making a decision to enroll?

Yes, but please contact us to make an appointment, to help us minimize the disturbance to the class.


My child has studied Japanese before. Which class should he/she enroll in?

Please call us to schedule an interview and placement test with your child so that we can asses his or her proficiency with Japanese. We have classes for students at all levels.


Is parking available at your school?

On Saturday parking is free on several of the streets near our school. The Japan Center Parking Garage at Webster and Post Streets is two blocks away.


Do you require a lot of participation from parents in school activities?

We host some school events (opening and closing ceremony, Traditional New year event, etc.) during the school year and we encourage parents to attend and join in the fun. We do request that parents perform yard duty (helping us monitor the students in the playground during recess) three times most a year.


What is the Saturday schedule?

9:00am: Start Time
9:00-9:15am: Homeroom
9:15-10:00am: Class
10:00am-10:15am: Recess
10:15-11:00am: Class
11:00am-11:15am: Recess
11:15-12:00pm: Class
12pm: Release