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About Kinmon Gakuen

Kinmon Gakuen is a language school which teaches the language, culture and traditions of Japan

Language Classes

Kinmon Gakuen offers languages classes for children from 5 to 18 years old. Contact us for a free trial lesson.

Cultural Classes

Kinmon Gakuen hosts classes in Karate from our community members

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our admissions process, calendar, and tuition

What’s New!

Calligraphy Class —→ Photo

Kinmon Gakuen in San Francisco Japantown provides opportunities for children who are interested in Japanese language and culture to learn. On February 11 (Sat), the first calligraphy class was held with Shoyukai chairman Karahashi-sensei and vice-chairman Tachibana-sensei as instructors. Kinmon Gakuen holds a calligraphy class at the beginning of each year, but this calligraphy class was the first full-fledged new attempt since the corona disaster. Under the kind and careful guidance of the instructor, starting with how to hold the brush, the students’ eyes shine brightly as they tackle the assignments of “plum,” “flower,” “light,” and “wind,” according to their level of Japanese learning. The students took it seriously. The calligraphy class will be held for the second time on March 11th. The students’ work from the calligraphy class will be exhibited during the Cherry Blossom Festival in April in Japantown.

Kinmon Gakuen’s Spring 2023 in-person classes

continue enrollment!

Let’s learn Japanese and build a foundation for understanding Japanese culture. After two years of remote learning, with the relaxation of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Kinmon Gakuen, a traditional school founded in 1911 and located in San Francisco’s Japantown, fully resumed face-to-face instruction for three hours every Saturday morning in the fall 2022 semester. We want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone involved in the reopening.

On January 7, 2023, at the end of the fall semester, Kinmon Gakuen students practiced the New Year’s tradition of “Kakizome(書き初め)”  writing「まつ(pine tree)」「うさぎ(rabbit)」「明日(tomorrow)」「元気(energy/spirit)」「正月(new year)」and 「平和(peace)」.

The school continues face-to-face instruction in the spring 2023 semester. We have several levels of classes to choose from, from beginner to intermediate to advanced, depending on the age of your children and their level of Japanese language proficiency.

For families interested in enrolling for the spring semester, we continue to host an Open House. The school principal is present at the Open House.

For both fall semester enrollment and open house inquiries, please call 415-567-4383 or email

Please consider this learning opportunity.

Click here for The Registration Form

★金門学園クラス 随時募集中★オープンハウスも継続中!

金門学園では、毎週土曜日朝3時間(9:15 – 12:00)の対面指導を全面再開しています。

  1. サンフランシスコ日本町にございます。朝、お子様を学園にお連れになり、午前中、日本町周辺でお過ごしいただけます。学校終了後は、お子様とご一緒に日本町を散策しながら日本文化の一端を目から学習する貴重な機会をお楽しみいただけます。
  2. お子様の年齢、また日本語習得のレベルに合わせて初級から中級、そして上級まで、随時ご入学いただけます。一回の体験授業もお試しいただけます。
  3. 毎土曜日朝3時間(9:00 – 12:00)完全予約制でオープンハウスを開催し、保護者の皆様に本学園の教育を丁寧にご説明させていただきます。オープンハウスだけでなく、授業参観可となっていますので、ご安心いただけます。

ご入学、体験授業、オープンハウスのお問い合わせは、どちらもEメール までお願いします。ぜひご検討ください。1911年創立の伝統ある学校で、お子様が日本語を学び、日本文化を理解するための基礎を作りましょう。

お問い合わせはEメール までお願いします。

Join us for an OPEN HOUSE: Saturday from

9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. by appointment!

Let’s build a strong foundation for learning the Japanese language and understanding the culture of Japan. Visit our Kinmon Gakuen campus and meet our dedicated teachers and staff. With the easing of Covid health orders, Kinmon Gakuen continues face-to-face instructions. The school starts an in-person spring session on Saturday, January 14, and continues to accept enrollment. Learn how Kinmon Gakuen’s curriculum is intentionally designed to foster Japanese reading, writing, and speaking skills.

There is no set schedule for you to follow. Presentations and tours (walking through the school and providing basic information about it) are available every Saturday morning. So you can customize your day to your needs!

By appointment only! Pre-register today for Open House. Contact us by email at

(Closed April 8, 2023)


Thank you Kinmon Gakuen!

Both our son (8) and daughter (5) have been enrolled in Kinmon Gakuen for several years.
Our kids have tri-lingual background (English/French/Japanese), and we see a perfect fit to the curriculum Kinmon Gakuen offers.
Kids are excited to participate in many Japanese cultural and seasonal activities that the school offers… from Mochi-tsuki (rice cake pounding) & New Year resolution using brush (Kaki-zome) in Jan, Girls day (Hina-matsuri) in March, Children’s day (Kodomono-hi) in May, Tea ceremony (Ocha-kai), and they also share the same building for after school program activities such as Karate class (Japanese martial arts).

Teachers and staff are very friendly and provide a sense of community based in Japan Town.

We highly recommend Kinmon Gakuen!

S. E

My son is high school student, and started studying at Kinmon 3 years ago. He is fast learner and I know it is also owe to the school, teachers and quality lessons. The high school takes the hours of study at Kinmon as a credit of forgin language. After graduating from high school, we are thinking him to transfer to the adult lesson at Kinmon.


When my son showed his interests learning Japanese, I took him to Kinmon to have a trial lesson. Since then, he has been enjoying going to Kinmon every Saturday. Caring staff, excellent teachers, and lots of fun cultural activities. Class room and parents’ lounge have been upgraded. Very friendly atmosphere. I hope, when my son grows up, he will take me around Japan using Japanese language that he learns at Kinmon.